Week 1 Results - WGC Mexico Championship
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    T-1 Ace In The Hole
    T-1 Birdies-R-Us
  T-1 Buzzard Love -- XXXXXXXXX -- -- XXXXXXXXX -- -- XXXXXXXXX --
    T-1 Choppers
    T-1 ForeBallers
    T-1 Fred Funk You
    T-1 Hacks
    T-1 Hohlen-Ones!
    T-1 Jayhawkers
    T-1 Johnny Parker
    T-1 Maynard's Mirage
  T-1 Ninja Dick -- XXXXXXXXX -- -- XXXXXXXXX -- -- XXXXXXXXX --
    T-1 Party Of Fore!
    T-1 Rock Chalk
    T-1 Straight Cash Homie
    T-1 Tee Party
    T-1 TheMasters
    T-1 TigerHawk
    T-1 Tigers
    T-1 Warthogs
    T-1 Whose Round Is It?