Week 17 Results - Travelers Championship
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  1 I Three Putt Casey Henley Watson, B
  2 Hohlen-Ones! Berger Casey Reed
  3 Settle For Snowman Berger Leishman Pan
  4 Fred Funk You Hoffman, C Moore Steele
  5 Hacks Berger Moore Reed
  6 TheJobz300 Hoffman, C Schauffele Watson, B
  7 Birdies-R-Us Schauffele Watney Watson, B
  8 Ninja Dick Johnson, Z Knox Schauffele
  9 Tee Party Berger Leishman Watson, B
  10 Submerged Golf Balls Berger Casey DeChambeau
  11 Jayhawkers Johnson, Z Lovemark Watson, B
  12 Tigers Berger Casey Schauffele
  13 Birdie Boyz Casey Moore Schauffele
  14 Buzzard Love Casey Steele Streelman
  15 The Masters Berger Casey Day, J
  16 Ace In The Hole Leishman Schauffele Simpson
  17 Johnny Parker Berger Hoffman, C Steele
  18 Maynard's Mirage Leishman Pan Schauffele
  19 Grumpy Deacon Knox Snedeker Steele
  20 TigerHawk Berger Reed Thomas, J
  21 The Angry Armadillos Berger Casey Watson, B
  22 Party Of Fore! Casey Stanley Thomas, J
  23 Whose Round Is It? Moore Simpson Steele
  24 Straight Cash Homie Berger Hoffman, C Schauffele
  26 Warthogs Day, J Moore Snedeker
  27 AGNICO EAGLE - AEM Berger Hoffman, C Spieth
  28 Choppers Berger DeChambeau Koepka, B