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Frantz, Brandon
Aug 16 1:58 PM CDT
Post #402
I couldn't have had a worst last weekend! Any it was fun trying scrape my way back and defend the title!
Maynard, Jeff
Aug 09 4:08 PM CDT
Post #401
Can Curtis hold on for one more week? A million $ lead is comfortable, but when a purse like the PGA is available anything can happen - let's see how the mulligans are used this last week of the season and if they make a difference! Good luck!
Hohlen, John
Aug 05 2:50 PM CDT
Post #400
Jimmy Walker - You suck
Hohlen, John
Aug 02 9:49 PM CDT
Post #399
You're welcome, Curtis...Good luck!
Brison, Curtis
Aug 02 6:03 PM CDT
Post #398
Thanks for all of the jinxing..... Remember when Tiger was pretty much a lock in this tournament....
Hohlen, John
Jul 29 9:24 AM CDT
Post #397
We're talking about the Hacks here. He's gonna fold like a cheap suit. I think Straight Cash Home is going to bring home the trophy if he plays his remaining mulligans right.
Maynard, Jeff
Jul 26 8:36 AM CDT
Post #396
So can the Hacks hold on?!?!? Straight Cash has been closing the gap each week...heading towards a pretty interesting finish!
Maynard, Jeff
Jun 22 3:38 AM CDT
Post #395
Oh I know WHY all the guys missed the cut - I'm just saying that the USGA doesn't like low TV ratings on Majors weekends and someone's going to have to take the fall (and it won't be the players).
Frantz, Brandon
Jun 19 6:15 PM CDT
Post #394
Jeff, That's because the best players according to the OGWR couldn't find a way to make the cut! I didn't think the course was that hard, really long but fair. 60 yd wife fairways and guys still couldn't keep it in play! These are the best in the world, right?
Maynard, Jeff
Jun 16 11:19 PM CDT
Post #393
Dustin, Rory and Rahm ALL miss the cut?!?!? Guess the USGA won't be going back to Wisconsin for a while...may be an all-time low for US Open viewership this weekend!
Hohlen, John
Jun 14 6:52 PM CDT
Post #392
Wow! Hadn't noticed that, Armadillo. Never seen that before at any point in the season less after week #15. That's a difference of one of your golfers in 60th place for a tournament making or missing that 5-foot putt on 18.
Hunt, Bill
Jun 14 5:05 PM CDT
Post #391
Thru St. Jude and only $86 separates 1st and 2nd place?!? Seems almost impossible!
Hohlen, John
May 28 9:16 AM CDT
Post #390
Officially at the turn for 2017. Good luck everyone. Not really :)
Hohlen, John
May 22 8:51 PM CDT
Post #389
What's with The Hacks this year? Two session prizes. Geez Dave...
Frantz, Brandon
May 17 3:12 PM CDT
Post #388
Nice job JB Holmes, way to shoot +12 84 final round and let me blow a mulligan pick!