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Cobb, Ryan
Jun 17 11:26 PM CDT
Post #425
I had the Tri-feta until Piercy bathed in his own piss.. Or shit the bed.. From #2 to 15 over par in 2 days..
Cobb, Ryan
Jun 17 11:23 PM CDT
Post #424
I'll call it luck this year.. Like Brison did last year.. I do my research and Fleetwood was a sleeper with potential.. You 4 mulligans left and I have 2... Gonna be a race to the finish..
Hohlen, John
Jun 17 10:17 PM CDT
Post #423
Thanks Cobb! Nice to get what we call a PTFG Trifecta (1-2-3). I actually had Koepka instead of Mickelson in my starting lineup. I swapped in Phil after I read no one had one the U.S. Open two years in a row since Curtis Strange 29 years ago. That cost me an extra $2.1M - Uggh! We'd almost be neck & neck. Should be a fun finish from here on out. Maybe I can at least make it interesting as you have been running away from the rest of the field thus far!
Cobb, Ryan
Jun 17 10:11 PM CDT
Post #422
Nice work this week Holen... Well done..
Cobb, Ryan
Jun 17 9:32 PM CDT
Post #421
That meltdown on 13 should have been a DQ because he admitted breaking the rules to his advantage...
Hohlen, John
Jun 16 2:28 PM CDT
Post #420
81? Phil, Phil, Phil...
Bowles, Ralph
Jun 14 10:39 AM CDT
Post #419
And I’m the only one who took Adam Scott!?
Hohlen, John
Jun 14 10:07 AM CDT
Post #418
Ralph - you, me, and 7 others. Go Lefty!!
Bowles, Ralph
Jun 13 10:16 PM CDT
Post #417
I’m just dumb enough to try Phil in one more US Open. I just want the guy to get the Slam
Cobb, Ryan
Jun 03 10:16 PM CDT
Post #416
Stanley shot himself in the for with a great back to back birdie run coming into 18....
Maynard, Jeff
May 18 10:26 PM CDT
Post #415
Start with WGC Mexico and end with the Wyndham - 24 weeks - perfect!
Hohlen, John
May 17 9:15 PM CDT
Post #414
We may have to make a tweak or two to the 2019 RGFGC schedule with expected changes to the PGA Tour schedule forthcoming. The biggest changes that I can ever recall.
Hohlen, John
May 14 9:03 PM CDT
Post #413
Yea, that didn't go as planned. The van was pretty stuck in neutral all weekend and got passed by Hack's Moving & Storage in the process.
Maynard, Jeff
May 14 1:22 PM CDT
Post #412
I see you got the van...but it was driving in REVERSE!
Hohlen, John
May 07 10:12 PM CDT
Post #411
Quick heads up - I just called United Van Lines. I expect to be making a big move by the end of the weekend.