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Cobb, Ryan
Aug 12 9:00 PM CDT
Post #463
When Thomas hit it in the drink after a bogey on 16 that pretty much did you in...
Hohlen, John
Aug 12 8:29 PM CDT
Post #462
I'm sure you got it. Congrats Ryan! It was fun.
Cobb, Ryan
Aug 12 8:26 PM CDT
Post #461
This is gonna be close!!
Maynard, Jeff
Aug 12 7:03 PM CDT
Post #460
Early indications say Ryan maintained his lead and takes 1st place...gotta wait for the official results. I may have pulled a double in winning Session 6 and the Majors contest - way to go Brooks!
Cobb, Ryan
Aug 12 4:51 PM CDT
Post #459
Did one of you guys just whistle in Woodlands backswing??)
Hohlen, John
Aug 11 11:48 PM CDT
Post #458
H-1s fading fast. Probably should have saved 2 mulligans for Sunday, but didn't expect a reliable stud to have a 3-stroke lead. If Brooks slips early and so does Woodland, then might get interesting. But my chances are probably 10% at best now. Yes, I will be there tomorrow. I'll get back to you about the Clubhouse thing. Need to hit the sack. Just got home from David Feherty show. It was entertaining, but as good as I was expecting.
Cobb, Ryan
Aug 11 11:14 PM CDT
Post #457
No chance we break the $50m mark... Close, but no cigar..
Cobb, Ryan
Aug 11 8:44 PM CDT
Post #456
Other than A. Scott he would have needed 2 mulligans to sub in Koepka or Rahm for Sunday.. This is going to be close... Are you guys on the course for Sunday?
Maynard, Jeff
Aug 11 7:04 PM CDT
Post #455
Thinking Hohlen might regret not keeping one mulligan for Sunday...it's gonna be CLOSE!!!
Cobb, Ryan
Aug 11 5:51 PM CDT
Post #454
Holen, is there any way to add the Clubhouse message board to the home page as a side chat next year? Maybe engage more shit talkers that just the 3 of us? My brothers would definitely chime in but they never go to the "Clubhouse" tab.. Something more visible? Just an idea..
Cobb, Ryan
Aug 11 2:49 PM CDT
Post #453
This is going to be a photo finish for sure.. Where the hell did Woods just come from??? His name was never mentioned as a contender.. Even though I blew my last mulligan on his ass last week..
Hohlen, John
Aug 11 2:15 PM CDT
Post #452
Happy so far. Was worried that I'd be out if by the weekend if my 3 picks tanked with no mulligans available. Just want to have a chance going into Sunday to make it more fun to watch.
Maynard, Jeff
Aug 11 2:07 PM CDT
Post #451
Well things are looking pretty good for Hohlen - this could be VERY close!!!
Hohlen, John
Aug 09 7:09 PM CDT
Post #450
Ryan - I didn't think I could catch you with single earnings from the weekend. I assume you're going make at least $1M so I need to make up $2.5M. Hoping one of my starters can finish 1st or 2nd. I have not had good luck picking Sunday subs either. Trust me, I went back and forth so many times. Only regret right now is not using Rickie as we was my 4th choice.
Cobb, Ryan
Aug 09 5:46 PM CDT
Post #449
My thoughts too.. I would have saved 2 for a double Milligan on Sunday.. Gonna be an interesting finish to the season..