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Hohlen, John
Jul 14 4:11 PM CDT
Post #475
J. Vegas blows...
Hohlen, John
Jul 07 9:37 AM CDT
Post #474
Ryan - Actually, I thought you were going to be the first RGFGC $50M man, but you faded like most do with fewer golfers to choose from towards the end of the season. But you did earn $46M which is still the record for a single season. We'll see if anyone can top it this year. If not, it won't be long until someone does. I think this year's RGFGC schedule also has a few more tournaments with larger purses.
Cobb, Ryan
Jul 06 12:32 PM CDT
Post #473
So I won overall last year and I don't think I crossed the $40mil Mark and we are already passed that now??? You guys are kicking ass!!
Hohlen, John
May 22 8:55 PM CDT
Post #472
A rarity indeed. This week you had to pick the Daily Double (Koepka/DJ) to have any chance of moving up in the standings!
Niemeyer, Todd
May 19 10:22 PM CDT
Post #471
I'm sure I'm not unique, but this week's standings movement was unusual. I picked the tournament winner on Wednesday yet dropped from 15th to 17th in the season standings!
Hohlen, John
Apr 10 8:40 PM CDT
Post #470
Okay Champ! I'd like to climb the ladder with you, but there are no rungs for me to reach for...
Cobb, Ryan
Apr 10 8:33 PM CDT
Post #469
I'm coming up the ladder.... Wait for it....
Maynard, Jeff
Mar 29 6:45 PM CDT
Post #468
All three guys advance to the WGC Dell knockout rounds!!!
Cobb, Chris
Mar 27 8:44 PM CDT
Post #467
Not hearing a whole lot of smash mouth from the "defending chumps" this year?? Think the Cobb's are going to write this off as a donation at this point...
Hohlen, John
Mar 17 9:42 PM CDT
Post #466
Yea, I figured if I sent that email it would jinx you.
Maynard, Jeff
Mar 17 4:42 PM CDT
Post #465
Fleetwood and Rahm both in the water on 17 - seriously?!?!? Didn’t need a hole-in-one!
Hohlen, John
Mar 07 5:54 PM CST
Post #464
Hows's everyone liking the new projected earnings feature? Don't forget to enable the email notification after each round if that's something that interests you. That's off by default.
Cobb, Ryan
Aug 12 9:00 PM CDT
Post #463
When Thomas hit it in the drink after a bogey on 16 that pretty much did you in...
Hohlen, John
Aug 12 8:29 PM CDT
Post #462
I'm sure you got it. Congrats Ryan! It was fun.
Cobb, Ryan
Aug 12 8:26 PM CDT
Post #461
This is gonna be close!!