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Maynard, Jeff
Apr 08 9:00 PM CDT
Post #409
I fought the same issue - and left my original 3 in...and Spieth ALMOST pulled off the ultimate comeback!
Hohlen, John
Apr 08 8:44 AM CDT
Post #408
It's Sunday at The Masters. I got 3 big guns from my Thursday lineup in the top twelve, but the leader Patrick Reed has a 3-stroke lead. Oh, to use a mully or not? Decisions, decisions....but either way it's gonna be a great day of sitting on the couch!
Frantz, Brandon
Mar 08 3:59 PM CST
Post #407
Now I know I checked the tee times yesterday and Kevin Na was in the field?! Well let’s just hope he didn’t hit a shot. Guess I’ll settle for Webb then!
Cobb, Ryan
Mar 06 7:10 PM CST
Post #406
Well Justin Thomas too... Changing my name to Ca Ching
Maynard, Jeff
Mar 05 9:57 AM CST
Post #405
Cobb, Ryan
Mar 04 5:59 PM CST
Post #404
A lot of peeps burned on Dustin... Ouch
Hohlen, John
Mar 02 6:24 PM CST
Post #403
Great to see Grumpy Deacon back. That made my day!
Frantz, Brandon
Aug 16 1:58 PM CDT
Post #402
I couldn't have had a worst last weekend! Any it was fun trying scrape my way back and defend the title!
Maynard, Jeff
Aug 09 4:08 PM CDT
Post #401
Can Curtis hold on for one more week? A million $ lead is comfortable, but when a purse like the PGA is available anything can happen - let's see how the mulligans are used this last week of the season and if they make a difference! Good luck!
Hohlen, John
Aug 05 2:50 PM CDT
Post #400
Jimmy Walker - You suck
Hohlen, John
Aug 02 9:49 PM CDT
Post #399
You're welcome, Curtis...Good luck!
Brison, Curtis
Aug 02 6:03 PM CDT
Post #398
Thanks for all of the jinxing..... Remember when Tiger was pretty much a lock in this tournament....
Hohlen, John
Jul 29 9:24 AM CDT
Post #397
We're talking about the Hacks here. He's gonna fold like a cheap suit. I think Straight Cash Home is going to bring home the trophy if he plays his remaining mulligans right.
Maynard, Jeff
Jul 26 8:36 AM CDT
Post #396
So can the Hacks hold on?!?!? Straight Cash has been closing the gap each week...heading towards a pretty interesting finish!
Maynard, Jeff
Jun 22 3:38 AM CDT
Post #395
Oh I know WHY all the guys missed the cut - I'm just saying that the USGA doesn't like low TV ratings on Majors weekends and someone's going to have to take the fall (and it won't be the players).